A guzzle wrapper with typehints and syntactic sugar.

Xttp was inspired by Adam Wathan’s zttp. A special thanks to the maintainers of Guzzle.

Regular use is simple:

use JohnathanSmith\Xttp\Xttp;

/** @var \JohnathanSmith\Xttp\XttpResponseWrapper $xttpResponse */

$xttpResponse = Xttp::post('https://johnathansmith.com', ['form_params' => ['foo' => 'bar'], 'headers' => ['Content-Type' => 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded']]);

// You may also do get, put, patch, delete.

After making the request you will get an instance of XttpResponse. This has a lot of syntactic sugar, for example: - Getting header/s - Getting response status and info - Returning JSON or body - Getting URL - Cookies

One of the ways that this package shines is that it is set up to be very friendly with Unit testing. You can also easily create a longer version from above with an large amount of granular detail. You can do this on XttpPending the object. With this we can: - Add Cookies/Headers/Options - Add or prepend Request/Response/Retry/Other middleware - Guzzle History and/or Mock handlers - Authorization - Guzzle Client Construction

use JohnathanSmith\Xttp\XttpPending;

$response = XttpPending::new()
->setUrl(// url)
->setMethod(// method)
->withHeaders(['X-Foo' => 'Bar'])