I have now been working 100% remotely for a year. From this, I have gathered lots of knowledge about the pros and cons of this style of work. I’ll attempt to lay them out as succinctly as possible.

The Good

Fewer Office Meetings

This is so great. The number of meetings has dropped drastically since I have been working from home. It really gives me the ability to not be a part of endless meetings. I think this goes hand in hand with companies that value remote work. They simply understand that all these meetings will be counter-productive.

Ability to work from anywhere

Want to work at a Coffee shop? No problem! The forest? If you’ve got internet, sure! This provides great stress relief to some of the bad aspects of working remotely.

Reduced transportation costs and risk of death

Far fewer expensive gas prices to pay! Your commute will be short so there’s no problem there. You’ll also be able to reduce pollution because of this too. And since driving is the riskiest thing you can probably do, you’ll have less risk of dying :)

The Bad

Little social interaction

You won’t have the social interaction you would at an office. This can oftentimes be lonely. It can eat away at you and isn’t a big deal at first. As time goes on, you’ll definitely notice a difference.

Too little communication

Slack is great, but at times, sending a message to a coworker is less than ideal. Sometimes this is ok, but it would be easier to hop over to their desk and chat about the issue. This is especially true with things like debugging and code reviews.