I have found podcasts are a great way to keep up to date with a lot of the latest information. I’ve compiled a list of a few I really like.

Command Line Heroes

Recently discovered and probably my favorite podcast. It’s like a really well done NPR piece, but about computers and technology, including both their history and their future. Extraordinarily well-done with great writing and interviews. While not Laravel specific, you must give it a listen.

Laravel Snippet

This is the podcast from Taylor Otwell, the creator of Laravel. He usually talks about the latest changes to the framework.

Laracasts Snippet

Laracasts Snippet is from Jeffrey Way. He’s the guy behind Laracasts. He speaks about Laravel as well as a host of other topics.

Full Stack Radio

Adam Wathan, of the Laravel community, interviews web and software developers of all sorts. He dives into a bunch of different topics, and it’s certainly worth th elisten.

JS Party

A bunch of devs talking about JavaScript… pretty awesome!