Using Common Table Expressions with MySQL 8+ in Laravel isn’t something that comes baked-in. You must use the wonderful package Laravel CTE by the very talented Jonas Staudenmeir.

Install that via composer. Now let’s envision a scenario. Say we have a database product and we have users we want to search for. We want them to search the name, then the email and rank those results according to the string placement (and if it exists in search). To do that, we would have to write something like the following in MySQL:

WITH user_search AS (
    SELECT concat(name,email) AS search_string, id FROM users
), user_cte AS (
    SELECT id, instr(search_string, '<SEARCH_TERM>') as position FROM user_search
SELECT user_cte.position,,, FROM users 
JOIN user_cte ON = 
WHERE user_cte.position > 0 
ORDER BY user_cte.position ASC, ASC LIMIT 50;

Ultimately, we want to replace that <SEARCH_TERM> with a string. We also have the WHERE statement have the position be above zero. Zero means the search term does not exist inside the string. So now, we need to convert this into Eloquent.

The CTE inside the with statements will be translated to the method withExpression.

use Staudenmeir\LaravelCte\Query\Builder;

\App\User::withExpression('user_search', static function (Builder $query) {
            ->selectRaw('concat(name, email) as search_string');
    ->withExpression('user_cte', static function(Builder $query) {
            ->selectRaw("instr(search_string, '<SEARCH_TERM>') as position");
    ->select('user_cte.position', '', '', '')
    ->where('user_cte.position', '>', 0)
    ->join('user_cte', '', '=', '')

And with that package, we now have the ability to use Common Table Expressions! You could then move this into a static method with the search term as a parameter and call it as many times as you want. public static function search(string $term = '')

But that’s just scratching the service. The package also allows for recursive CTE and much more.